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Anatolii Kiselev Anatolii Kiselev (0315499)
Codice tessera 0315499
Nome e Cognome Anatolii Kiselev
Tipo socio Simpatizzante
Prima iscrizione 05/07/2023
Socio fino al 05/07/2024
Provincia SV
Polizza assicurativa professionale No
Codice Etico Sottoscritto il 06/07/2023
Professione Консалтинг в области компьютерных техноло�
Curriculum https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bVPX...
Sito Web https://github.com/AnLeoKiselev

Hello, my name is Anatoliy Kiselev. I have been providing IT technology consulting since 2011, and among my clients were banks that are in the top 5 banks in the country. Currently, I am the product owner (project manager) in a large bank, and I have a team of 19 people under my supervision, including front-end developers, back-end developers, designers, analysts, testers, delivery managers, and DevOps engineers. Under my leadership, several complex mobile applications and websites for the financial sector have been implemented. You can view my portfolio here. In addition, I am actively engaged in mobile development using Swift and have several implemented projects on GitHub. Having knowledge of mobile development principles allows me to effectively communicate with programmers in their own language. Furthermore, I have developed a bot for the Telegram messenger using Python. You can find my portfolio with the mobile applications I have developed here. Currently, I continue to enhance my consulting and development skills. The quality of my work is recognized through appreciation letters (1, 2) from the clients I have worked with. The purpose of joining the association is to validate my IT skills for Italian clients and to engage with other members of the association for knowledge and experience sharing. Sincerely, Anatoly

Competenze ICT

Competenze del gruppo A .
  • A.4. Pianificazione di Prodotto o di Servizio
  • A.5. Progettazione di Architetture
  • A.6. Progettazione di Applicazioni
  • A.7. Monitoraggio delle Tendenze tecnologiche
  • A.10. Esperienza Utente (UX)
Competenze del gruppo B .
  • B.1. Sviluppo di Applicazioni
  • B.2. Integrazione dei Componenti
  • B.3. Testing
  • B.4. Rilascio (deployment) della Soluzione
  • B.5. Produzione della Documentazione
Competenze del gruppo C .
  • C.1. Assistenza all'Utente
  • C.4. Gestione del Problema
Competenze del gruppo D .
  • D.11. Identificazione dei Fabbisogni
Competenze del gruppo E .
  • E.1. Formulazione delle Previsioni
  • E.2. Gestione del Progetto e del Portfolio
  • E.3. Gestione del Rischio
  • E.4. Gestione delle Relazioni
  • E.5. Miglioramento del Processo
  • E.6. Gestione della Qualità ICT
  • E.7. Gestione del Cambiamento del Business
  • E.8. Gestione della Sicurezza dell'Informazione
  • E.9. Governance dei Sistemi Informativi

Profili professionali

  • Digital Strategic Planner
  • Mobile Application Developer
  • User Experience Designer
  • User Experience Researcher (UX Researcher)
  • Web Project Manager

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P. IVA: 03250160276

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