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Codice tessera 0315372
Nome e Cognome ALEXEY KASHIN
Tipo socio Socio ordinario
Prima iscrizione 20/04/2023
Socio fino al 22/04/2024
Provincia TP
Polizza assicurativa professionale No
Codice Etico Sottoscritto il 22/04/2023
Professione Programmatore
Curriculum https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexey-ka...

I am a Web Developer, I was introduced to this wonderful programming world by a mentor in the HTML Academy with whom I studied for about two years and who passed on his passion and knowledge to me. I studied and put into practice both pure code and various libraries and frameworks. I am passionate about both Backend and Frontend, although I admit that I have participated more in Frontend projects, which is why I feel more confident working in this area. Despite this, I would be enthusiastic to work also in the Backend area, to have the possibility to improve myself more and to be able to always learn new things. At the moment, I'm studying and deepening React, I'm really enjoying it and I've also had the opportunity to participate in some projects to put into practice what I've learned about it. Front-end, Technologies: - HTML5 / CSS3 - Java Script / ECMAScript 2015+ - Type Script - Node.js - React / Redux - Jest testing - Webpack, Babel Software and Tools: - VS Code - GitHub / Git - Dev Tools, React Dev Tools, Redux Dev Tools Front-end experience: - SPA - SSR Additional experience (on previous jobs): - 10 years of experience in financial and economic departments on food and heavy machine plants - professional decomposition of any problems - good understanding of complex equipment manufacturing technology - good understanding of production cost decomposition and cost management methods - management of department up to 100 people - working in large teams - complex negotiations with customers - resilience and result oriented - responsibility, perfectionism and quality of work in the first place - high ability to learn and understand complex information

Competenze ICT

Competenze del gruppo A.
  • A.10. Esperienza Utente (UX)
Competenze del gruppo B.
  • B.1. Sviluppo di Applicazioni
Competenze del gruppo C.
  • C.1. Assistenza all'Utente
  • C.3. Erogazione del Servizio
  • C.4. Gestione del Problema
Competenze del gruppo D.
  • D.3. Fornitura dei servizi di Formazione
  • D.7. Data Science e Analytics
Competenze del gruppo E.
  • E.2. Gestione del Progetto e del Portfolio

Interessi professionali

  • E-commerce
  • Formazione
  • Web design
  • Web programming

Profili professionali

  • Web Application Developer

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